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Monday, October 17, 2005

VW New Beetle: ZipConnect alarm clock with AM/FM digital tuner & iPod connector

VW New Beetle ZipConnect
Now that's a cool gadget for all of you Beetle AND iPod lovers out there!
SharperImage has an alarm clock with an AM/FM digital tuner and an iPod connector for just $129.95.
How cool's that!
* All ZipConnect™ speaker systems include a FREE ZipConnect module (with convenient retractable 18-inch cable and mini stereo plug) for playing any iPod, MP3, portable CD or satellite radio — any audio source with a headphone jack!
* The universal FREE ZipConnect module is interchangeable with available Made for iPod modules that charge as they play.
* New Beetle™ convertible has working headlamps and taillights with stereo speakers hidden in the wheels.
* Slide your iPod or MP3 into the stand and it looks like your Beetle's hauling a surfboard to the beach!
* Features an AM/FM digital tuner with 20 presets and a control panel hidden under the hood. The windshield LCD features 12/24 time, a snooze alarm clock and a sleep timer.
* Click here to view the interchangeable Made for iPod ZipConnect module that charges while you play and allows the remote to operate iPod click wheel basic functions (SI900WHT).
* Click here to view the interchangeable Made for iPod Shuffle ZipConnect module that charges while you play (SI901WHT).
* Click here to see all ZipConnect™ Sound Systems for iPod and MP3 players. Shop for ZipConnect CD Stereos, the iJoy ZipConnect Massage Chair, iSplash Wireless for iPod and MP3 music in the shower and iPulse ZipConnect Stereo Speaker System with LED lightshow.


Source: SharperImage via GearLive


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