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Friday, December 09, 2005

Audi RS4 Avant: Spied in the wild!

Audi RS4 Avant
A lucky reader spotted the long-awaited Audi RS4 Avant in the wild!
It’s no secret that Audi AG planned to build an Avant version of the RS 4. The sedan bowed almost a year ago at the March 2004 Geneva Auto Show, but other than a leaked Minichamps 1:43 scale model for sale a few months back on Ebay’s Chinese site, there’s been no mention of the RS 4 Avant.

This morning, a German RS-car enthusiast hit the jackpot while in traffic in the German town of Chemnitz. A red RS 4 Avant appeared in traffic. Fortunately for those other RS-fanatics who will have to live vicariously through him, he had his camera and was able to snap off a few shots of it before it disappeared.

Don’t expect to see the RS 4 Avant make it to American shores. Yes, Audi enthusiasts at Audi of America’s headquarters in Auburn Hills would love to bring it over, but since sedans outsell Avants at more than 10:1 in the Audi range, bringing both cars just doesn’t make good business sense.

Audi RS4 Avant


Source: Fourtitude


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