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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Audi A2: Successor confirmed!

Audi TT Shooting Brake
Audi is almost going to double its model line-up until 2015, this was revealed today by Audi's head Dr. Winterkorn.

Audi wants to increase its sales up to 1.4 million units in 2015 with a model line-up of around 40 models, currently they have 22.
High focussed markets are the US, China, Russia, the Middle East, South Korea, Japan and Australia.

The future model line up will include more cabriolets, coup├ęs, sports cars and SUVs.

Besides the already seen picture of the supposed Audi A1, he confirmed that there will be a successor for the Audi A2. But he will have nothing in common with the recently stopped Audi A2.
"We are now thinking about an extremely sporty, small car including Audi's quattro drive, an absolute eye catcher", Dr. Winterkorn said.

It's rumored that the Audi TT Shooting Brake will be the blueprint for the Audi A2 successor.

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Source: Autohaus


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