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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Audi: Diesel do nicely!

Audi A8
A very nice article why Americans really should consider buying diesel cars. And when it comes to diesel, you will naturally come to Audi, makers of the most powerful diesel-engined car ever, the Audi A8.
In our opinion this article is a must read before you go and buy your car!
Consider those for a moment. The diesel-powered Audi A8 4.2 TDI is not only more economical than the gasoline-powered A8 4.2, it also produces fewer greenhouse gases and, most importantly for readers of this Web site, it's also significantly quicker.

For the past few years, while the U.S. has been bemoaning ever increasing gas prices, the Europeans have been experiencing a quiet, bloodless diesel revolution. The introduction of multivalve, common-rail direct-injection and pre-ignition technology has transformed the diesel engine from a noisy agricultural workhorse into an ultrarefined, economical powerhouse worthy of the finest performance and luxury cars. Across Europe, more than a third of new cars now stop at the black pump and in some countries, diesel cars outsell petrol.

It's a staggering transformation, and one from which the U.S. could learn some important lessons.

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Source: Inside Line


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