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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Audi S3: Officially confirmed, will already arrive in autumn 2006!

Audi S3
The Audi S3 is not a secret anymore, but today the production has been officially confirmed.
And now, hold your breath: it will be already available from autumn 2006.
Fantastic news!

No technical details have been unveiled so far, but it's expected that the Audi S3 will come with a charged 4-cylinder delivering far more than 250 bhp!

UPDATE: Maybe you recognized that we changed the picture to this article. This happened on the request of WorldCarFans which believes that "Fair Use" is not valid in Finland. We believe that we are in very tight compliance to all copyright laws, but for the sake of their calm sleep, we removed it. Please make your own mind about this and judge by yourself.

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Source: Auto Motor und Sport, picture by Neuwagen4U.de


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