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Friday, October 20, 2006

VW Phaeton: The Pope's drive

VW Phaeton
The Pope got a VW Phaeton from VW.
Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news) is the owner of a new Volkswagen Phaeton, courtesy of the German auto maker.

Volkswagen's President Bernd Pischestsrieder met with the Pontiff on October 18, and gave him the keys to the black luxury sedan-- specially equipped with tinted glass and curtans on the windows. The German company said that the car is ideally suited for "comfort, discretion, and security."

The Pope has a new set of wheels. VW's head honcho, Dr. Bernd Pischetsrieder, has presented Pope Benedict XVI with a customized long wheelbase W12 Phaeton. The car is trimmed out to maximize the Holy Father's privacy, comfort and security (translation: it's armored) as he's shuttled about in the 450-horsepower super-sled.

VW Phaeton
VW Phaeton

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Source: Catholic World News (don't ask how we find our sources) and Autoblog


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