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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Audi A1: Coming 2009!

Audi A1
We found another "confirmation" that Audi will bring the Audi A1 in 2009. How will it look like? A shooting brake with a massive grille and wheels, taking design elements for the Shooting Brake concept and the Ur-Quattro from 1980. Great! Can't wait.

Engines wil range from a 1.4 with 65 to 150 bhp and a 1.6 diesel engine with common-rail technology and 70 to 105 bhp.
Later plans for a convertible and a sedan shall exist. Entry price is said to be around 16.000 Euro.

Read the source article here, Google-translated.

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Source: Koelner Stadtanzeiger, picture by Stern


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