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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

VW Polo BlueMotion: Coming to South Africa?

VW Polo BlueMotion
Will the VW Polo BlueMotion come to South Africa?
The result - on the Polo Bluemotion - is a claimed fuel consumption of less than four litres/100km and a theoretical range of more than 1100km from its 45-litre fuel tank.

The Polo BlueMotion has a 1.4-litre, 59kW, three-cylinder TDI engine with electronically controlled, high-pressure direct fuel-injection and a variable geometry turbocharger.

The external modifications were evolved in a wind tunnel; there's a new front bumper below a redesigned grille to reduce drag and at the rear a pronounced spoiler is mounted on the trailing edge of the rear window to smooth the airflow.

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