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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Audi: Truth in engineering

Audi of America has started a new campaign called "truth in engineering". But despite other brands who always show you the latest gizmos and try to impress you with that, Audi is focussing on you, the driver, and only on technology that provides an added value for you. Please read on for some examples and you know immediately what we are talking about. Our tip: Make sure to see the Audi A4 commercial in TV. Hilarious! A slap into the face of other brands and their latest "innovations".
Audi of America revealed its new “Truth in Engineering” advertising campaign today with two 15-second spots for the TT.

The first new campaign for the manufacturer in five years will use Audi’s engineering prowess to underscore core messaging around simplicity and safety. According to Audi of America Chief Communications Officer Jeff Kuhlman, “[Truth in Engineering] . . . articulates the notion that Audi automobiles provide the most authentic, truthful driving experience in the luxury segment.”

While Audi’s worldwide and US sales continue to set records, Audi is still an unknown to too many luxury car buyers. “We need to popularize and energize the Audi of America… successful brands are known and popular,” said Scott Keogh, Audi of America Chief Marketing Officer. With this new campaign, then, Audi will start the task of repositioning itself as a major player in the luxury car segment through much more aggressive, emotional advertising.

You can see the spot here.


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Source: AudiWorld


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