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Monday, May 21, 2007

VW Passat: Fight the midlife crisis!

VW Passat
Absolutely hilarious campaign here for the VW Passat, called "Midlife crisis retreat".
Make sure to check the ads section. Are you heading towards a miflife crisis? Make the test. Click on the "read more" link below to head for the site.


* 17% of men in their mid-forties find Jean-Claude Van Damme 'an inspiration'.
* 33% of 48 yr old men look in the mirror in the morning and think: 'Yes.'
* 14% of men in their forties believe they could fight a wolf and win.
* Research shows Chimpanzees also suffer a midlife crisis. Common symptoms include the desire to mate with young female chimps, and the misguided belief that they can swing from very high branches.
* 37% of men in their forties would like more prominent scars.
* Last month, 15,000 men started to think a tighter trouser made them more attractive.
* The average buttons done up on a 46 yr old's shirt has decreased by 2 since 2001.
* 14,500 middle-aged men took paintball seriously last year.
* 24,000 men their fifties think: "if Douglas can pull Zeta Jones,
then so can I."
* 28% of men in their forties think more about their abs than their kids.
* Too many men in their forties listen to Steppenwolf whilst driving.
* 759 fifty-two year olds changed their name to Troy last year.
* 12% of men in their forties believe origami will 'help them with the ladies.'
* 7% of men in their forties are trying to master the nun-chucks.

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Source: VW


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