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Porsche Cayman: Reviewed!

Porsche Cayman
Motive Magazine has reviewed the Porsche Cayman, a car which is still growing on us, featuring some really nice pictures.

And dammit, a real Porsche must be shaped like a bathtub and, like that bathroom fixture, must have all of its mechanicals hanging out at one end – the rear.

Enter the Cayman: a stiffer, more aggressive Boxster with a welded-on-with-testosterone roof. It isn’t exactly a bathtub – more a Jacuzzi, with shallow ridges around the end and a deeper section in the middle – and the engine isn’t quite at the rear, but it is at least close.

The Cayman isn’t a 911, but it is definitely a Porsche, in much the same way that, despite decades of fighting it, we’re all a bit like our parents. It has similar but more youthful looks both inside and out, and the Cayman’s sounds and feel are 911-like, too, but harder-edged and nimbler. It’s not easy when your father is the Keith Richards of sports cars, though, rocking the world and thrusting his hips since the mid-’60s. The Cayman handles that pressure well, and doesn’t go for mimicry. It’s more down-to-earth, more refined and better mannered. But get it out on a track and, well, you know what they say . . . like father, like son.

Porsche Cayman

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Source: Motive Magazine