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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Porsche GT Coupe: New spy shots?

Porsche GT Coupe
Don't trust your eyes: this flying Porsche Cayenne is said to be a test mule for the rumored Porsche GT Coupe.
We still don’t know for sure, but this prototype is hammering around the “Ring” with a speed that makes even Michael Schumacher jealous. They are actually one of the fastest cars around the Nürburgring .And the noise they are making, absolutely great, it makes the hairs in your neck raise. At first, Porsche only had 2 of these mules, but now you can get it in almost every colour. We have seen it in gold, black, blue, green and red. Also, we now know a little more then before. First, these mules are rear-wheel-drive only. Second, they are built as light way cars with no power windows and central-looking, plastic windows in the rear doors and backwards. Third, in normal cases the tires of a SUV are as wide in the front as in the back. But on this mule we can clearly see that’s not the case. The rear tires are much wider.

Porsche GT Coupe
Porsche GT Coupe

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Source: Car Spy News


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