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Monday, August 27, 2007

VW City Expert: Rear-engine officially confirmed plus more details announced!

Nobody else than Dr. Martin Winterkorn, head of VW, has confirmed that the VW City Expert will have a rear-engine. He also said the the VW City Expert, which will be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, will be a 4-seater and it's possible that the engine will have 3 cylinders.

But the big news is that VW will derive two models from this concept: one targeting Western Europe, this car will be optimized for the metropolitan area and for CO2 emission and comes with air condition, airbags and servo steering support. Price will be around 8000 Euro.

The second model will be for emerging markets like China, Russia, Brazil or India. The car will be downsized in terms of accessories but therefore will cost only around 5000 to 7000 Euro.

VW also said that there will be no model below this car. It's still undecided which brand will offer these low-cost models, for emerging markets it might be Skoda. The two will hit the road not before 2010.

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Source: Presseportal


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