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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

VW Tiguan: Coming to India in 2008

VW Tiguan
The VW Tiguan will come to India in mid 2008.
First facts on Tiguan engines: Volkswagen will offer the SUV – and this for the first time worldwide – exclusively with turbocharged direct injection engines. This “high-performance turbocharging” significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions, yet immensely increases dynamics and driving fun.

Overall there are three TSI and two TDI engines. Of these the completely new developments are the extremely quiet TDIs with common rail fuel injection. They achieve 103 kW / 140 hp and 125 kW / 170 hp and at 1,750 rpm already output 320 Nm or 350 Nm in four-wheel drive. Both TDIs already meet the limits of the Euro-5 standard first coming into effect in 2009.

Also getting to the point powerfully, economically and cleanly are the turbocharged direct injection gasoline engines in the performance levels 110 kW /150hp, 125kW /170hpand147 kW /200hp. New to the Volkswagen program are the 150 hp and 170 hp versions. A glance at the torque values makes one sense that the TSIs are very high torque. The 150-hp TSI already develops a self-assured 240 Nm (from 1,750 rpm). In the 170 hp and 200 hp performance range it is 280 Nm (from 1,800 rpm each).

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