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Audi A1: More details unveiled!

Audi A1
Michael Dick, head of product engineering at Audi, has unveiled more details of the Audi A1 during an interview with 4Car. A must read!

‘It will be a typical Audi design,’ said Mr Dick, ‘built in steel on the PQ24 platform [shared with the VW Polo and Skoda Fabia], but with a cheekier look. It will have all the features of the larger Audi models such as the multimedia interface. Even blindfolded you’ll know it’s an Audi when you get in.’

The A1 won’t come in a quattro version to begin with: that and a three-door body will come later. A show car hinting at the production A1 will be revealed at the Tokyo show in October, featuring ‘a new interpretation’ of four-wheel drive, and the entry-level version at launch will produce less than 120g/km of CO2. It will be quite light, at under 1,100kg.

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Source: 4Car