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Audi A1: Test mule spotted

Audi A1
A test mule of the Audi A1 has been spotted driving around, although you might not guess it at first hand.

Or one very well disguised Audi A1. Unless you were really looking carefully, this prototype could easily be mistaken for a tuned Polo. Even we considered the possibility of a mad run-out edition of the mint with a hole.

But no. Under this disguise is an early prototype of Audi’s forthcoming Mini-rivalling A1.

The platform is called MQB, which means modular transverse matrix. It’s designed from the start to be cheaper to build and more flexible, thus Audi reckon it could be up to $1000 cheaper per car than today’s small-car building blocks. It should come in at €16,000 (£10,700) in today’s money, meaning it’ll undercut the cheapest Mini by nearly 10 percent. Although we somehow doubt that will be the case in the UK.

The 2008 VW Polo won’t however use this platform, as that’s front-wheel drive only. This engineering mule is four-wheel drive, and Audi’s engineers at the Nurburgring have been using sensitive monitoring equipment on all four driven wheels to test the quattro system.

Audi A1

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Source: Car Online