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Audi A4: Causing a stirr in Frankfurt

Audi A4
The new Audi A4 is causing quite a stirr at Audi’s booth at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Despite not coming off like a showstopper, the new-for-2008 A4 models on Audi’s stand were mobbed, even a day after their introduction. Competing engineers and hordes of journalists were seen crawling over, under, and in Audi’s entry-level sedan, with many of them measuring and taking stock of the Four Ring’s new offering.

While the A4’s styling is clearly an evolution of the previous car, with a few A5 styling clues thrown in for good measure, the design just plain works, and it looks attractive inside-and-out. The LED string headlamps really mark out the corners with authority, and the thinner, longer A5-esque taillights look at home as well. Job done, we’d say.

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Source: Winding Road