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Audi A5: Test drive report

Audi A5
Interesting test drive report here by Forbes with the Audi A5, although the lack of original pictures makes us sceptical, something common when we read Forbes and test drive in one sentence.

If it’s attention you crave, the Audi A5 delivers. With a wide and low stance, wheels pushed to the corners and a stretched-out wheelbase, the A5 draws onlookers.

The overall form is modern and substantial, thanks to the A5’s wide shoulder lines, high beltline and massive trapezoidal front grille that is framed by unique, optional LED daytime running lights. As part of an optional Adaptive Light package, the sixteen LEDs are serious eye candy. Below the headlights are the front fog lamps, tastefully trimmed in chrome.

The sportier S5 shares the A5’s athletic styling, but its lower front fascia looks more aggressive.

The A5’s back end, with its small but interesting details, does not disappoint. For instance, rather than tack on a strip of composite material to create a spoiler, the rear edge of the trunk lid subtly kicks up to benefit aerodynamics and preserve a clean aesthetic. The A5’s distinctive LED taillights ensure that the attention garnered by the A5 during the day continues all through the night.

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Source: EGM Cartech