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Audi: Driver’s Day report

Audi is offering a great program now in Germany called Audi Driver’s Day. The basic outline is that you pick up a high-performance car of your choice and drive through Germany, accompanied by a factory tour and a visit to the Audi museum in Ingolstadt. Read here the report from one guy who came all the way from the US to participate.

When we returned to the Audi Forum we came across another gentleman getting into his RS4 Avant for his own Audi Driver’s Day. This RS4 Avant was a very special grey color from Audi exclusive. Unfortunately we did not note the exact color, but it was a flat grey. This car was otherwise identical to ours with one other exception: no speed limiter. We didn’t know we could request that, but this guy must have. Audi told me the car could do 300kph (186mph). Wow.

The ceramic brakes were amazing. There was one moment when a truck jumped in front of us (in the left lane) out of no where when we were going 250kph. The brakes saved our lives and the car felt very safe and controllable during this safety manouver.

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Source: AudiWorld