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Audi: Johan de Nysschen gives detailed outlook into future

Johan de Nysschen, head of Audi of America, gave a detailed outlook intor Audi’s future during an interview. Have a read!

For one, Audi does intend to sell a four-door coupe like the Mercedes-Benz CLS, but not until around 2012. de Nysschen indicated a concept previewing the production version would appear at some time, but gave no indication when that would be.

de Nysschen also commented that the Cross Coupe Quattro concept shown in Shanghai earlier this year is not a precursor to the upcoming Q5 crossover, but a different model entirely that’s yet to be mentioned publicly.

On to the R8. de Nysschen did confirm the R8 range would be extended with a V10 model, something we figured was likely after the RS6 Avant with its twin-turbo, 580 HP V10 debuted. The veep didn’t indicate, however, whether that engine would be the same V10 installed in Audi’s uber-wagon, but here’s hoping! As for a diesel-powered R8, while it’s been officially discussed, de Nysschen claims no decision has been made.

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Source: Winding Road, Autoblog