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Audi Q5: New spy shots!

Audi Q5
Here are new spy shots of the Audi Q5, revealing more details than ever before. A must see!

The mid-sized SUV will get the latest twin-clutch S tronic automated manual box. And a new system called Drive Select tailors settings of the engine, transmission, steering and adaptive suspension depending on the mode selected via the Multi Media Interface (MMI).

The Q5 will also benefit from Audi’s latest Bluetec engine technology. The firm’s 2.0-litre TDI uses common-rail fuel injection to give 204bhp, while a special neutralising system in the exhaust cuts harmful gas emissions.

Insiders have hinted the Q5 could eventually form the basis of a hybrid model, and is likely to be followed by a smaller SUV called the Q3.

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Source: Auto Express