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Audi: quattro with Sport Differential

Read everything here about Audi’s new quattro drive with Sport Differential.

Innovative four-wheel-drive system for even greater driving pleasure and safety
• Variable tractive-force distribution between the rear wheels
• Enhanced agility, greater stability

With its active sport differential, Audi elevates the road dynamics of cars with quattro permanent four-wheel drive to a new level. An innovative regulating system distributes torque from the engine in continuously variable proportions between the rear wheels. This greatly enhances agility, driving pleasure and active driving safety. The controlled power flow enables the car to take corners even more directly and responsively, and to retain its directional stability considerably longer. Understeer becomes a thing of the past. This new high-tech device from the inventors of quattro permanent four-wheel drive will be available from 2008 onwards.

“This sport differential extends Audi’s ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ even further with regard to road dynamics,” says Michael Dick, Head of Technical Development at AUDI AG. “With it, we redefine agility in a new, fascinating way and at the same time achieve a previously unmatched dimension in safety. Our sport differential is a logical step towards enhancing the driving pleasure so typical of an Audi still further. By integrating this four-wheel-drive technology into the Audi drive select system, which itself combines refinement and dynamism in a totally new way, we have created a uniquely superior road dynamics system that for the first time can be perfectly matched to the driver’s individual wishes.”

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Source: Fourtitude