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Audi R8: A stunning performer

Audi R8
Another great review of the Audi R8. Nice!

Some invitations you simply cannot turn down. Such as the opportunity to drive the Audi R8 – the most electrifying car ever to bear the four-ringed logo – on the track at Mosport – one of the most daunting road courses on the continent.

Starting the drive route to the track from an Audi dealership north of Toronto, a few aspects of the R8 became immediately apparent – for the second time.

As soon as we took to the on-ramp, the tenacious grip of the low-slung two-seater revealed itself. Then, having successfully merged onto the highway, the mid-mounted 4.2-litre V8 engine (420 horsepower; 317 lb-ft of torque) sent the car rocketing well past the speed limit with ridiculous ease.

Once up into the stratosphere of elevated speeds, the Audi also proved that it may well be the easiest supercar to drive beyond the posted limits – and the quickest with which to lose your license. With an ultra-low centre of gravity, the R8 remains planted to the ground at all times and, despite its low seating position, offers few clues that the speed limit has come and gone.

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Source: Auto 123