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Audi RS4: The best from a long line of fast saloons

Audi RS4
UK’s EVO magazine says that the Audi RS4 is simply the best, also in direct comparison to the BMW M3. And of course they are right!

Visually it’s the Audi that makes the most immediate impact, thanks to a pumped-up look that gives the impression the A4 body is struggling to contain the hardware. It’s a style BMW perfected with the E46 M3, but one it has shied away from slightly with the E92, and during our time with the two cars in Spain it’s the Audi that attracts the most attention.

Step out of the M3 and into the RS4 and the first thing that strikes you is that the Audi feels smaller and snugger. The driver’s seat is more aggressively sculpted and the ambience is both more intimate and more overtly sporting. More cohesive too, thanks to the satnav display being integrated into the centre console rather than a secondary hooded binnacle as found in the somewhat bland and disjointed BMW interior.

Audi RS4

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Source: EVO