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Audi S6: You are the one I want!

Audi S6
A car columnist spends half a decade testing the fastest, swankiest, most technologically advanced rides on the road – and declares a winner. The Audi S6 is his most favorite car of all times! Nothing to add.

After five years of writing this column, I’m about to shed all objectivity. Before I do, however, let’s review some numbers. During the past half decade, I’ve tested – though not always written about – almost 200 cars, worth a cumulative $20 million or so. Although I’ve logged as many as 1,000 miles in a single car, on average I’ve driven the things between 100 and 200 miles before handing them back to their corporate overseers, thus clearing the decks for the next new ride.

This translates into 30,000 miles of hands-on experience with some very expensive iron. (Happily, I’ve not wrecked a one.) When people discover that you’ve done time in almost every nice car in existence, they tend to ask which is your favorite. To date, I’ve ducked the question. But now, at long last, I’m ready to spill. So, Audi, could you please send me one 2008 S6 sports sedan, preferably in phantom black? It’s my kind of car.

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Source: CNN Money