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Audi S7: Preview

Audi S7
Here’s some more future-looking from Motor Authority, this time about the Audi S7.

Aimed at the segment starter, Mercedes’ svelte CLS saloon, the new A7 should arrive on the market in early 2009 and will be joined by a convertible version one year later.

Standard models will get the usual assortment of FSI and TDI six and eight cylinder engines but a new top of the line S7 is tipped to get the naturally aspirated 5.2L V10 engine from the S6. The S7 will also benefit from Audi quattro and the carmaker’s new sport differential torque distribution set-up.

Depending on the success of the car, there could even be a new super-saloon in the form of a RS7 powered by the new 580hp twin-turbo engine that debuted in the new RS6.

Audi S7

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Source: Motor Authority