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Bentley Continental GT Speed: Driving report

Bentley Continental GT Speed
The lucky guys from Car Magazine had a chance to take the Bentley Continental GT Speed out for a spin. Here are their impressions.

Think of the Speed as a big GT GTi. It’s still offers the same luxury appeal as the original Conti GT launched in 2003, but looks meaner and goes harder.

The highlights are an extra 50bhp for the big W12, lowered suspension, tasty new and wider alloys plus some subtle visual tweaks.

And how does it go?
Like the clappers. Like BMW’s new blown 3.0-litre straight six, the Speed’s W12 barely betrays its forced induction secret, instead feeling like a huge naturally aspirated engine. The 0-60mph sprint now takes 4.3sec instead of the 4.6sec needed in the regular GT – and top speed climbs fractionally to 202mph.

Bentley Continental GT Speed

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Source: Car Magazine