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Bentley Continental GT Speed: Live pictures from Frankfurt

Bentley Continental GT Speed
Not many people will ever have the chance to even lay on eye on the Bentley Continental GT Speed, that’s why we appreciate those live pictures from Frankfurt. Enjoy!

The twin-turbo W12 mill from standard Continental GT breathes better thanks to a redesigned and more upright grille, and its ECU has also been hacked resulting in a nice round 600bhp, a 48bhp bump. 20-inch wheels wrapped in ultra low-profile rubber, a new steering wheel not shared with VW, and optional carbon ceramic brakes round out the hardware upgrades. All told, 60 MPH should arrive in 4.2 seconds and the Continental GT Speed’s 202 MPH top speed officially makes it the fastest Bentley ever made, as well.

The Bentley Continental GT Speed is one of the most photogenic cars at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Bentley Continental GT Speed

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Source: Autoblog