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Bentley: Spectacular exhibition together with Vivian Westwood

Bentley and Vivian Westwood are re-emphasizing their colloboration with a new spectacular exhibition.

Vivienne Westwood and Bentley Motors will collaborate for the designer’s highly anticipated exhibition at the Palazzo Reale in Milan from 26 September 2007. This show, representing a singular retrospective of her work to date, was first shown at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and is now on tour.

The special bond between the doyenne of English fashion and Bentley Motors could recently be admired during an exclusive event celebrating the exhibition sponsored by the sophisticated car manufacturer in Düsseldorf during the German Fashion Week, enhancing a partnership based on individual flair and a sense of daring lines that has since enjoyed a resounding success with lovers of high fashion and high performance cars alike.

At the event to be held in Milan, Bentley Milano will showcase a magnificent bright yellow 1992 Bentley Continental convertible in the Piazzetta Reale, presented in front of the Palazzo Reale. This timeless, enticing and exclusive motor car will provide a fitting highlight to the unconventional spirit, so often ahead of its time, that is the signature of Vivienne Westwood’s creations.

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Source: Autoracing Daily