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Bugatti Veyron: Great video review by Fifth Gear’s Tiff Needel

The Bugatti Veyron on video, that’s already enough to wet some pants. If it’s a video done by Fifth Gear’s Tiff Needel, we don’t even want to imagine what’s going to happen. It’s simply one of the best video reviews ever. Make sure to watch!

Tiff Needell kicks the series off in style with the fastest car in the world – the Bugatti Veyron. As well as a breath-taking road test on the public roads, Tiff takes the Veyron to a circuit for the first ever television test of this £890,000 beast on a track.

We know it can do 253mph in a straight line, but does it handle? Tiff will reveal all.

He also manages to steal a few moments inside the French chateau where the car is assembled. Walking amongst the cars being built, he sees the weird and wonderful colour combinations the rich customers have specified, finds out why some people have had to buy two Veyrons, and learns the secrets of the car that every owner should know…

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Source: autoblog.it