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Porsche Cayman: Watch out for the Cayman!

Porsche Cayman
We found a nice review of the Porsche Cayman, Porsche midship engine sportscar. Enjoy the read!

The Cayman might not have all the power, looks, elegance and luxury found in the Carrera, but it has one major attribute that just stumps the Carrera: driving excitement. Now, you say the Carrera is one of the best handling cars in the world, and, yes, you are right, but the Carrera is based on a rear engine configuration. It comes with rear wheel drive or all wheel drive. On the other hand, the Cayman and the Boxster share the best engine placement for balance and power: the mid engine with rear-wheel drive traction.

Lets get to the real question in our minds, is the Cayman a 911 beater? Right out of the box, no. But the Cayman has the entire characteristic to take the 911 and crush it. Its mid-engine configuration and structural rigidity are amazing. I If you were to take the car to have some work done on the engine so that it can pump out 390 horsepower, you will have not only a Cayman that eats 911’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner but also one that can do it on a curvy road like the 2007 Farnbarcher Loles Porsche Cayman GTR.

Driving the Cayman is an amazing experience filled with excitement in each drive, whether it is to the grocery store or to work, the Cayman provides happiness in each mile you drive making you feel that you are in an exotic sports car.

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