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Porsche Panamera: Porsche working on coupe version?

Porsche Panamera
A strange spy shot of the Porsche Panamera has surfaced. What’s so strange you might ask.
1. Numberplates from Luxemburg
2. The spy shot taker says that this model was only having 2 doors instead of 4. Is Porsche working on a Panamera Coupe?

The Porsche Panamera is scheduled to arrive in 2009 but fellow Porsche fanatic Berend already saw it on the road covered with tape! “In my mirror I see something what looks like a Porsche. Or a Ferrari?” While driving his own Porsche 928 on the A31 in Germany, he was passed by this Panamera carrying a license plate from Luxembourg. Could this be the first Panamera on Luxembourg plates? Why is it actually carrying these plates while the car hasn’t officially been presented to the public?

According to the person who made the picture, the car had two doors instead of four. Might this be the coupé version already?

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Source: Jeroen Olthof