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VW Beetle: Converted into electric car by skilled teen

VW Beetle
A very skilled teen has converted a 1971 VW Beetle into an electric car. Great job!

Bart Grabman, a senior at an Alaskan high school, has converted his 1971 VW Beetle to electric power, in order to save gas money and investigate ways to cut down on emissions. “We have a class called Passages, and in that course everyone’s supposed to pick a project or idea that they want to expand and do something big with, and so I thought, ‘What’s something awesome that I can do?’”, he said.

He managed to track down a kit online that contained all the parts necessary for the conversion for $3,500. “People have been pretty supportive of the idea. I’ve gotten a lot people who have offered to help and want to help out in any way they can, but mostly I just owe my mom a lot of money right now.”

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Source: Treehugger