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VW Eos: Ladies’ Car of the Year

VW Eos
The ladies have spoken: the VW Eos is their Car of the Year. Congrats!

The Eos has won an extraordinary readers’ vote: for the first time, women could vote for their favourite car at the web site evecars.com, a British internet page conceived for women. The eight-member jury comprising editors and experts in technology and automotive sports saw the Eos as the clear winner in the final elimination involving 27 models.

Alexandra Jenner-Fust, editor of evecars.com explains, “The girls (and guy) on our judging panel were looking for a car that excelled in its own category, but our winner had to have wider appeal. With the Eos, Volkswagen has created a car that you can buy both because you love it, and because it makes perfect sense. It’s a convertible without the potential weakness of a cloth roof, is practical for four and is very attractive. With its sporty chassis, you would like to drive it every day.”

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Source: VWvortex