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VW Polo Bluemotion: Eco friendly Polo is a ‘proper’ car

VW Polo Bluemotion
Here’s a nice review of the VW Polo Bluemotion from South Africa.

In the real world the new VW Polo BlueMotion is the most eco-friendly proper car you can buy – at least in the UK.

It has four seats, is properly safe, you can use it for all normal car duties, and – unlike an electric car – it converts fuel into energy at the point of use rather than simply moving the process elsewhere via an inefficient intermediate storage system.

The Polo BlueMotion’s CO2 emissions are rated at 99g/km, which means, in Britain, you’ll pay no road tax. That’s less CO2 than produced by the much-vaunted Toyota Prius, never mind that the Polo also takes much less energy to build and is easier to recycle.

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