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VW Tiguan: More official pictures

VW Tiguan
We found more official pictures of the VW Tiguan.

Dubbed as the ‘small brother’ of the formidable Touareg, this SUV isn’t ‘small’ on features. With a 1510 liters of cargo space and a 2,500kg trailer load, you couldn’t have asked for more.

Tiguan is offered in Trend&Fun, Sport&Style and Track&Field equipment versions. While Trend&Fun and Sport&Style were developed for on-road use, and Track&Field for off-road use, all versions have a good on-road as well as off-road capability.

All engines of the new Tiguan come charged; this increases power and lowers fuel consumption and emissions. For the gasoline avatar, three new TSI engines step in, with turbocharging or turbocharging plus supercharging. These 4-cylinder engines deliver power at 110kW, 125kW and 147kW. The common rail 4-cylinder TDI diesel engines are capable of a power output of 103kW and 125kW.

VW Tiguan
VW Tiguan

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Source: Auto Motto