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VW up!: More versions coming to Tokyo Motor Show and Los Angeles Motor Show

VW up!
VW will showcase more versions of the VW up! at the Tokyo Motor Show in October/November and at the LA Motor Show in November. Great news! We already love the car.

For the moment, Winterkorn was not ready to give full confirmation of the UP! minicar, a concept version of which has created quite a stir at the Frankfurt show. But when pressed, the executive acknowledged it will be likely to reach production in a couple years. A second concept version, sharing the New Small Family platform, will debut in Tokyo, next month, while a third variant is on tap for November’s auto show in Los Angeles. Eventually, added Winterkorn, there could even be a fourth UP! model, and versions sold through other VWAG brands, such as Seat or Skoda.

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Source: The Car Connection