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Audi: 6 new models are just the beginning

We found an interesting article about Audi’s future model line-up and the already known 6 new models seem to be just the beginning.

Audi has its plate full with upcoming introductions in the coming months.

First, Audi is planning a four-door coupe similar to the Mercedes-Benz CLS starting in about 2012. A concept of the car will appear but there’s no set time when or what show.

Second, the Cross Coupe Quattro Concept (pictured) exhibited at the Shanghai Auto Show this year is not the forerunner of a future Q5 Crossover. Instead, it is a different model in its own right.

Third, the R8 model range will be expanded to include a V10 model. This in the wake of the introduction of the RS6 Avant which includes a twin-turbo, 580 HP V10.

Fourth, a diesel-powered R8 has been discussed among corporate execs at Audi but no official decision has been decided.

Fifth, Audi is working on a new “Vectoring” all-wheel drive system similar to the Honda/Acura SH-AWL system.

Sixth, Audi expects to be bringing a new diesel V6 to the U.S. market some time in early 2009. It will appear in the Q7.

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