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Audi A1: Might look like this when hitting the showrooms!

Audi A1
UK’s AutoExpress is claiming that the new Audi A1, which will be shown as concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show this year, will look like the picture above when hitting the showrooms in 2010.

As you can see, the new A1 will be compact and distinctive. Audi’s most recent small hatchback was the supermini MPV-shaped A2. However, while the aluminium-bodied city car was a great technical accomplishment, its high price and quirky layout hampered sales. The A1 will take a more conventional route to success, using a traditional three-door layout and styling that builds on the themes introduced in the new A4 and A5.

The most distinctive feature will be at the front. The four-sided, chrome- rimmed grille is familiar as Audi’s, but the bonnet will have a strong crease, emphasising the shape of the nose. At the rear, the squat stance merges elements of the A3 and TT.

Inside, designers will be keen to give the dashboard a more creative style without compromising quality. Expect a slimmed-down version of the MMI cabin control system on top-of-the-range models, too.

Although the A1 will initially be offered only as a three-door, Audi might expand the line-up to include other bodystyles. A five-door and even a cabriolet could be added to give the brand the full range of models.

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Source: AutoExpress