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Audi A4: Exclusive first drive

Audi A4
Here’s another “first drive” report of the new Audi A4.

The moment you get behind the leather-wrapped wheel, fire its engine and put it in gear, you recognize quickly its reworked chassis and upgraded interior, two of the car’s most apparent gains. Which, if you think about it, is a feat in itself; known for its four-wheel-drive technology and sporty ride, as well as having the top interiors not just in class but in the industry, making gains in those areas is an enormous feat.

As for the interior, well, it’s just fantastic. The comfort level is incredible, and the quality of the materials appears top-shelf. It has a more expensive look than a car at this price, and the sensation of touch is reminiscent of uber-high-quality features. We can unequivocally say that Audi’s string of gorgeous interiors continues unbroken.

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Source: AutoWeek