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Audi: Investing €10B in new models over next 5 years

Audi will invest 10 billion Euro in new models over the next 5 years. That will give us plenty of news to write about. Thanks!

Audi is feeling positive this year, coming off sales the first nine months of 2007 that already exceed the previous year’s sales by 8 percent. Looking further down the road, Audi sees 2012 as the goal for the expanded range to be developed under the new investment strategy. Some of the new models to come out of this infusion of capital and creativity will be the Q3, a Golf-based SUV, and the four-door coupe A7. There is even a possibility a tiny Q1 all terrain vehicle could be made. Whatever models do get made, according to design chief Wolfgang Egger, each model will be more clearly distinguishable from the rest.

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Source: Motor Authority