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Audi metroproject quattro concept: Live pictures from Tokyo Motor Show

Audi metroproject quattro concept
Enjoy some of the first pictures of the Audi metroproject quattro concept from the Tokyo Motor Show. That car is hot!

Audi’s new city car concept might look OK in the official press images, but it looks even better in person with its imposing grille and sleek yet muscular lines. There’s also a lot of attention paid to the details of the concept such as LED headlights, aluminum roof arches and those stunning rear lights.

Underneath, Audi has developed a hybrid drivetrain for the metroproject. A TSI (turbocharger + supercharger) engine drives the front wheels, while the electric motor sends all of its juice to the rear, making it a pseudo-AWD car. Also of note is the mobile electronic device that’s embedded in its dash. It’s basically Audi’s version of an iPhone that actually does more than Apple’s own Crackberry, including allowing the owners to access some of the car’s systems remotely.

When we asked Audi CEO Rupert Stadler whether the production model would come to the U.S., he simply replied “Why not?”, so there’s a good chance we’ll see this come Stateside at the A1 soon after it begins production in 2009.

Audi metroproject quattro concept
Audi metroproject quattro concept

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Source: Autoblog