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Audi: New cars for soccer stars of FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona
The soccer stars of Spanish FC Barcelona got a new ride. According to the pics they really enjoyed it! No wonder, have a look at the impressive fleet.

As players of one of the world’s best teams, Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi or Thierry Henry are not easily shaken. But whenever they receive the keys to their new cars from vehicle partner Audi the eyes of even these seasoned football stars start shining. Today was another such occasion: At the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona Ralph Weyler, Member of the Board for Marketing and Sales of AUDI AG, handed their new “company cars” over to the athletes. Audi and FC Barcelona have been partners since the past football season. The favourite product chosen from the sporty model range of the brand in Ingolstadt was again the Audi Q7.

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Source: Fourtitude