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Audi R8: Awarded as Best Driver’s car 2007

The Audi R8 has just been awarded the title “Best Driver’s Car 2007”. Watch the video to see why! But for sure it’s no surprise for our regular readers. Congrats to Ingolstadt!

We’ve taken the 10 best driver’s cars of 2007 and pitted them against each other on a 1.41-mile dry track, a twisty 0.77-mile wet track and on the road; it’s the most comprehensive performance group test Autocar has ever produced. And the winner might just surprise you.

BMW’s new M3, the Lotus 2-Eleven, Porsche’s 911 GT3 RS and Lamborghini’s LP640 were all part of the three-day speed fest, held at and around MotorSport Vision’s Bedford Autodrome circuit. Also tested were Porsche’s Cayman S, Renault’s Megane R26, Mercedes’ SLK55 AMG Black Series and a Mercedes C350 Sport. A Ford Mondeo 2.5T was even in the hunt.

Audi’s excellent R8 ended up beating all-comers to the honours, with its combination of an excellent chassis, incredible traction in all weather, and fine everday usability.

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Source: Autocar