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Audi R8: Living up to expectations

Audi R8
Here’s a nice review of the Audi R8 from Australia which says that the Audi R8 is living up to expectations.

From a standstill, the R8 can be made to blast away with electrifying acceleration. The computer-controlled clutch can release ferociously, leaving the Quattro all-wheel drive system scrabbling for grip.

Accelerating through the gears, it’s soon apparent the R8 is one seriously brisk machine. It feels light and lithe, powering through the gears; you can shift using the gear lever or the paddles.

In another article by Drive they focus on the service which comes with the Audi R8. Very nice!

As well as speed, style and plenty of substance, the Audi R8 brings a few surprises for those already waiting up to 15 months for the first mid-engined, all-wheel drive coupe from Audi.

All R8 customers get the mobile phone number of Audi Australia managing director Joerg Hofmann, part of the personalised service. Having placed a deposit on an Audi R8, they get a welcome booklet with more details on their car.

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Source: Drive