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Audi R8: New spy shots of the upcoming V10!

Audi R8
We found new spy shots of the upcoming Audi R8 V10. Make sure to check them out!

n order to not compete directly with the Gallardo there is talk that the engine will be de-tuned into the 500hp ranged, although that is still 80hp more than the current 420hp V8. And with the 522hp Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera now in the works it is still possible that the R8 will avoid any horsepower loss compared to the standard Gallardo.

These spy shots show a completely camouflage-free test vehicle, albeit in a drab flat black paint job. Distinguishing features include the now larger air intake tunnels behind the front doors and slightly modified rocker panel skirts. While these changes are subtle enough not to disturb the overall styling of the vehicle, they will tip off those in the know that this is no “standard” R8. Although difficult to tell from the photos, the car seems to be sporting larger brakes as well.

Audi R8

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Source: AudiWorld