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Audi R8: South African review

Audi R8
Here’s a South African review of the Audi R8. Their verdict: fabulous! What else.

Audi’s R8 supercar rates as perhaps the most beautiful car in the world. It’s the only Audi product with the four rings on the “bonnet” and the headlights come with a row of 12 LED running lights. 19″ rims are optional, the huge air vents are for real.

Within minutes the piazza outside the Paulaner Brauhaus, across from the venerable Clock Tower, was buzzing with people asking in several languages “What are they?” “What’s happening”? “Aren’t they beautiful?” and then this one, with the answer…

“Hey, look guys! That’s Audi’s new R8 – it’s the most gorgeous car in the world!” And, yes, it probably is.

Audi R8

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