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Audi S5: Fully tested

Audi S5
The guys from Car and Driver have fully tested the Audi S5. Here’s their result!

And it has been plugged by a machine that delivers the sex appeal that is a coupe’s major reason for being. The S5’s combination of big grille, rakish roofline, and artfully sculpted character lines will turn heads with regularity. And inside, the S5 provides perhaps the most engaging experience since the original TT.

But even those figures don’t reveal the silkiness and captivating appeal of the S5’s powertrain. When you drive with the windows down around town, you hear a terrific V-8 burble from the quad exhaust pipes. When feeling lazy, you can almost forget about shifting because the engine will take full throttle at 1000 rpm in sixth gear perfectly smoothly. And at any speed, the V-8 spins with an eager and refined hum.

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Source: Car and Driver