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Audi S8: Turning up the heat

Audi S8
The Audi S8 is a great image-carrier for Audi. Read here why.

Overheard at an Audi new-product think-tank meeting: “Why don’t we get one of our traditional four-door sedans — the bigger and more luxurious it is the better — and stick the most powerful, hottest engine we can find into it . . . Yeah, then we’ll take it on the Autobahn and surprise the heck out of every two-door sports car we come across!”

A fictional conceptual conversation about the Audi S8, but it must have been something along those lines.

For that extra under-hood heat, Audi turned to its Italian affiliate, Lamborghini. And came back with a 5.2-litre, 10-cylinder engine for the S8. Previously used in the Lamborghini Gallardo, this engine can muster-up 450 horsepower when unleashed and allowed to climb to its 7,000-plus rev range.

Actually it’s more like singing at full voice — the S8’s pipes can fill your ears like the Three Tenors at full vibrato.

Exceptional without being conceited, the Audi S8 is a high-octane indulgent pleasure that borders on excessive, much like an expensive bottle of fine wine.

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Source: Canada.com, picture by Audi