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Audi: Watches and Wheels exhibition at Audi Forum New York

Watches and Wheels
The Audi Forum New York is holding a nice exhibition together with Glashütte called “Watches and Wheels”. Make sure to stop by!

From October 25 – November 30, 2007 the Audi Forum New York City will host “Watches and Wheels: Precision German Engineering”. This special exhibit pairs Audi’s German cars with Glashütte Original’s German watches.

The Audi Forum New York City is located at 250 Park Avenue (47th Street) and phone number 212-370-AUDI.

Audi & Glashütte Original: Performance Engineering, Technical Innovation, and Legendary Style

The German companies Audi and Glashütte Original are natural partners. Both are leaders in technological innovation and high-performance engineering; both exemplify fine German craftsmanship and the use of the highest caliber materials; and both have been extolled by design-industry critics for their originality of line and form. In this exhibit, the newest models from each company have been paired to emphasize the specific qualities they share.

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Source: AudiWorld